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A/C and Heating Repairs to Keep You Comfortable on Your Commute

Scorching summers and frigid winters can leave you in a precarious situation if your car’s air conditioner or heater is out. Fortunately, ATL specializes in A/C and heating repairs so you never have to suffer. We offer free estimates and complete tune-ups on your vehicle. Stay safe and comfortable during every season.

mechanic repairing ac/heat in car

Signs Your A/C or Heater Needs Repaired or Replaced

While it can be confusing and frustrating for your car to malfunction, there are many symptoms your vehicle may exhibit leading you to isolate the issue. If you think you’re A/C or heater is acting up look for issues such as:

  • No hot or cool air coming through your vents – This is probably the most obvious indication that your systems aren’t functioning properly.
  • A weak airflow – If your air conditioning or heating’s airflow feels weak, your system isn’t running efficiently, and should be brought in to be checked.
  • Noticeable moisture around your compressor – This can indicate that your car needs a tune-up.
  • Odors coming from your vents – Even if your air still feels warm or cool, a strange smell may mean that you have a leak that can end up costing you more to fix it the longer you wait.
mechanic explaining an underbody car issue to customer

The ATL College Park Experience

When you visit ATL College Park, our experienced and welcoming staff will greet you and closely examine the issues described on your car to get a better idea of the situation before giving you an estimate. We’ll thoroughly check all of your compressors, belts, thermal expansion valves, condensers and levels of refrigerant solutions before pinpointing your exact issue and making our service recommendations. As an approachable and efficient shop, we never make superfluous recommendations or force you to buy repairs you don’t need.

Contact ATL College Park Today

Avoid future breakdowns by regularly maintaining your vehicle at ATL College Park. Because we care about you and your car, we’ll always recommend whatever makes the most financial sense for your car and budget. When our customers are happy, we’re happy. We love going the extra mile so you can avoid spending all your time and money maintaining your car. Call us today to learn more about our A/C and heating repairs in College Park or to request your free estimate!

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