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Bring Your Car to ATL College Park for Your Next Maintenance Service Date

ATL College Park is dedicated to keeping you and your family safe on the road. We’re car people dedicated to helping other car people. That’s why we provide complete auto care services at our auto service center. At the first sign of something wrong with your car, don’t delay and bring it in for our experienced team to inspect. From computer diagnostics to tire rotations and oil and lube checks, we’re equipped for all of your vehicle maintenance needs in the College Park area.

Complete Car Care for College Park Motor Enthusiasts

Owning a vehicle is a huge investment, but it can be well worth it in the long term. ATL College Park offers complete car care services to keep you safe and your vehicle running efficiently, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Factory-scheduled maintenance
  • Hose, drive and timing belt replacements
  • Fuel filters
  • Fuel injection and carburetor services
  • Fuel pumps
  • Computer diagnostics
  • Complete electronic analyses, testing, and tune-ups for electronic engines and other digital components
  • Emission checks
  • Differential and transaxle services
  • Exhaust system repairs
  • Muffler replacements
  • Oil and lube checks
  • Power steering pumps
  • Radiator repairs
  • Starters and alternators
  • Suspension systems
  • Timing belts and chains
  • Tire rotations and balances
  • Transmission repairs and replacements
  • Water pumps
  • Car battery replacements
mechanic fixing engine

When Is It Time to Replace Your Car’s Battery?

Included in our wide array of services is battery service and replacement. Your car battery is made up of lead plates with water and sulfuric acid solutions and as such should never be handled by a novice. Because it is a somewhat dangerous job, we recommend letting our team of professionals check and maintain your car’s battery. They will then help you determine if it is a worthwhile investment to replace or service. From then, we are happy to help you select and install a new battery to get you back on the road. If you have been noticing your vehicle failing to start on more than one occasion, it may be time to get it replaced. Contact us today to get a free estimate and schedule an appointment.

Drive in for a Free Estimate Today!